Girls worked on remote work – Total work from home. Girl’s team consists of 10 resources having just two Girls. It had trackers that keep track of work done per hour; it helped in getting disciplined. However, we Professional are not habitual to work from home. But now after 6 months of practice, We will be habitual.

  1. Every wife/girl will feel that we are on holiday and assign lots of work to you &  will be your responsibility.
  2. Everyone gets value your time – they say what you will do throughout the day! They feel that your work hard work
  3. You will feel so lonely that you will not feel like continuing with a job. We need a human touch.
  4. Your discipline and patience will be tested again and again. You will start taking breaks.
  5. You will have to create infra like an office – including an office chair and laptop table, uninterrupted internet connection.
  6. Every electricity outage will trouble you. Further, if you stepped out and caught; your WFH can be over that day.
  7. It’s easy to connect with team members.
  8. There is no replacement of F2F meeting. Seating next to a person and understand is amazing.
  9. Most important, you will not get any feedback that supervisors are happy with you or not. Only deliverables are visible. So there can be job risk. Even if you work
  10. Most of the people work4–5 hours max at Work from Home unless its permanent work from home
  11. It’s so convenient to take break at lunchtime and have half an hour nap.
  12. Email communication is Minimum and number of meeting will be very low. You will get an ample amount of time to work. It is very much productive if done with 100% commitment.
  13. Working on Pajama, 100% courier delivery, helper making tea, and snacks at 4PM is amazing experiences.
  14. Silently watching cricket scores is a possibility. You can watch election result while being on work🙂
  15. Rain, summer will not bother you. You will move out only when you felt whole day, you were inside.
  16. You can start early at 7 AM easily.
  17. You can go to my hometown and work! You can spend many days like that
  18. You will Save at least 5000 Money per month.