Because Mostly parent would say both girls and boys education is important. None is higher than the other.

In some cultures, preference is given to boys education, and girls are married off at a tender age or set for child labor. This had been the genesis that led to a campaign for girl’s education. Also, the enrollment rate and retention of girls during the transition in the education system has proven challenging. At the tertiary level, there is a higher percentage of boys than girls, which in turn translates to the employment gap between the men and women.

According to our culture not support girls education but some of highly knowledge parent are education own daughter and girls get best name of parent’s so that is the example of better education of girls .

Girls, however, don’t usually bring their toys, and when they do they don’t let it distract them all that much. I only need to tell them once or twice to put them away and they usually listen to me. While the girls can distract each other by talking to each other, they seem to know boundaries and what is right to do in class and what is not wrong to do in class, and if they don’t, they learn it quicker than the boys.

Girls are definitely easier to educate than boys. I believe it’s because girls learn quicker and pay attention to their environment and what is expected of them more than boys, who usually have a carefree attitude.

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