Because Lots of Girls does not know the human Behaviours so how activities and unable to understand peoples.

Lots of ways to attract an unknown girl is by being on your best behavior. It is important to look at yourself from the woman’s point of view. When you look at yourself from the woman’s point of view, you might find a lot of flaws. Even though it is hard to acknowledge your flaws, it is the only way to get better.

why unkown girls ?


step to attracting an unknown girl is to smile a lot. Girls like it when men smile because they feel more comfortable around them. Even though you might not like smiling, it can really help your chances of attracting a woman. A girl will feel more comfortable to approach you if she thinks that you are light-hearted and fun. While a lot of guys find it hard to smile at first, they learn to do it naturally over time. There are a lot of guys that also have a better outlook once they start smiling more. This is just a side benefit, but it can really pay off in the end.

Another way to attract an unknown girl is to be confident. Girls do not like it when a guy can’t make up his mind. They view it as a sign of weakness. If you are not confident in yourself, definitely do not display it. Even if you aren’t confident, you need to act confident. Girls think that a confident man is a man that is ready to start dating. If you aren’t confident, girls will think that you are not emotionally ready for a relationship. Even though you might be ready for one, you need to give girls the right signs.

unkown girls

A way to attract an unknown girl is to be kind – in an alpha male way. Girls love it when men are kind because it helps them picture a long term relationship. Girls always want to have a long-term relationship, so make sure that you are sending her the right signs. Make sure that when you are out in public you are always considerate of other people. If you are at a crosswalk, don’t curse at a driver. There are probably a lot of girls watching what you do and you do not want to give them a bad impression.

Lastly, it’s widely believed that if you don’t know a girl then the best way to make her like you is to use this ever effective seduction device: flirting! Now in order to be a good flirt, you will need to master both verbal and non-verbal communications.

The best flirts in the world know that body language is an essential component of flirting. In fact, it has been estimated that up to 90% of communications is non-verbal. Therefore, if you want to be good with women then it is important that you completely master the art of flirting with women.

Even though the flaws listed above might not seem like a big deal to you, they are a very big deal to girls. Once you have improved the flaws listed above, women will see you as a viable candidate. Just remember that you could meet your future girlfriend anywhere, so always be on your best behavior.


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