Education is the basic right of every human, be it a male or a female. People from low-income families don’t find it important to educate a girl, or either they drop out from school at an early stage, not letting the girls completing their secondary school either. There are reasons such as poverty, child marriage, early pregnancy, gender based inequality, lack of sanitary facilities.

It is every girl’s right to get proper sanitary facilities as it is the basic need of every female, it is important to get after school support and not just schooling. No doubt that girls’ education has a positive effect on the level of health in society. Being able to read and acquire knowledge will enable women (mothers) to better look after their own and their children’s health. Educated girls improve physical, social and emotional health for themselves and their families.

Ajnabi girls Education

Educated girls create familial environments that are conducive to children and other family members developing strong physical, social and emotional lifestyles. Educated women stay in school longer which delays childbirth to later in life.