Here we have below describe all the Tips

1. Education

Educating girls means higher incomes and healthier families, Making sure every girl can go to school and learn is the right thing to do for them and the smart thing to do for all of us. That’s because when girls are educated, healthy, safe, and empowered, they lift up their families, their communities, and the world.more

2. Work-from-home essentials

Girls worked on remote work – Total work from home. Girl’s team consists of 10 resources having just two Girls. It had trackers that keep track of work done per hour; it helped in getting disciplined. However, we Professional are not habitual to work from home. But now after 6 months of practice, We will be habitual.

a. Every wife/girl will feel that we are on holiday and assign lots of work to you &  will be your responsibility.

b. Email communication is Minimum and the number of meetings will be very low. You will get an ample amount of time to work. It is very much productive if done with 100% commitment.

c. Working on Pajama, 100% courier delivery, helper making tea, and snacks at 4 PM are amazing experiences.

d. Silently watching cricket scores is a possibility. You can watch the election result while being on work

e. You can go to my hometown and work! You can spend many days like that

f. You will Save at least 5000 Money per month.

3. Toiletries/ Makeup Bag 

Girls are going to want a container to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, Kajol, shampoo, and conditioner items. If they’re in their own bag, you won’t risk them spilling liquid onto your clothes! This one is cute & compact.

4. Wallet or Ladies Handbag

Girls Will want somewhere to store your souvenir money, ticket stubs, and other little items that you collect during your trip. This leather one is stylish and multifunctional. Throw it in your purse or backpack and you’re ready to go.

5. Ornaments

Ornaments have been an asset to humans since time immemorial. It has remained a symbol of power and beauty for us. Girls have always been attracted to owning a piece of jewelry, be it in the form of a pendant or an earring. When we talk about precious metal Ornaments. It is a symbol of everlasting love and joy. These non-decaying metals symbolize ever glowing beauty and power, an apt choice for ladies around the world.

6. Love

Girls love and even can be serious too about Love. Sometimes even they ignore lots of things in their partners. I know that somewhere the trust these days has taken. A shake but if the partner is reliant that much then you can’t even imagine how madly girls can be in love.

See here are some of the points through which you can recognize whether the girl is totally into Love.

  • She will sacrifice everything for you; either money, time or emotions.
  • She will wait for you long without saying a word to you.
  • She will make possible efforts to make you happy.
  • She will not do anything that you don’t like.
  • You will be her priority, not anyone else.
  • She will guide you for your better and also will support you .
  • Despite all the rejections from your side she will keep loving you.
  • You will be in her heart always.
  • She will give you small surprises to make you feel special.


Girls like keeping themselves updated with the latest trends in the fashion world. They love the attention they get from their husbands/lovers/Parents/family and such. Also, it makes them feel happy and loved…!
Girls are born to be pampered n loved… They add all the colors to your dull boring life.
Shopping is good… Not every day but once in a while at least…!

8.Highly Cook-able Recipes


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