We are describe 10 Biggest tips to protect and safe a girls

Women can stay safe by awareness. You need to be aware where you are going and how is your surrounding.

It depends on what is the Description of safety here. Is only the scenario where a girl walking on the road is being as security then probably women in India are as safe as many other countries in the world*

1.Women in India usually do not go out of the house after dark(major percentage)

2.They are usually accompanied by their mothers, brothers or fathers

3. A general sense of clothing is very non-provocative(compared to many places in the west)

4. A lot of women still do not work outside

5.It is a social taboo to talk about abuse, so I am sure many of the cases do go unreported.

6.So with this specific definition of safety and all these conditions applied, women are safe in India. Can we truly be satisfied with this and take a sigh of relief. Would that give you the courage to go out at night with jeans/shirt outfit walk to the car parked a little away from the venue? I think i can safely assume the answer is no!

7.We need to create an environment where boys are taught to respect the other gender, they should be scared of the consequence of doing anything against a girl’s wish. This is a mindset change and needs to be inculcated by the mothers and fathers of the beta!

8.Growing up I don’t remember on an average there was even a single day where I didn’t face some kind of dirty look(what is he doing to Girls inside his head), threatening gestures, unsuccessful attempt to Girls himself or sometimes even successful attempts. And before to assume Girls are not a very pretty looking damsel or used to dress in anything provocative or lived in a notorious neighborhood. 

9.Girls can just imagine how it would be where any of these factors were not in favor of the girl!

10. In the end safety of a place depends on your fate/destiny, but we as a society have to raise conscientiousness that way to keep society safe is not by keeping girls inside the house or keep them covered. What’s a moral if it breaks under some pressure!

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