Work-from-home essentials

Girls worked on remote work – Total work from home. Girl’s team consists of 10 resources having just two Girls. It had trackers that keep track of work done per hour; it helped in getting disciplined. However, we Professional are not habitual to work from home. But now after 6 months of practice, We will be habitual. Every wife/girl will feel that we are on holiday […]

Essential of Girls

List of Essential needs of Girls Cotton tops Other breathable material Sunscreen Shopping Tons of water A couple of sunglasses (variety is good) Sun hats are still in! More than one bikini set Cotton shorts or other light shorts Light sweaters for nights Harem or boho pants Lots of sandals Beach/sun dress Something nice but […]

House Wife

House Wife:- The motto in life should be “Whatever you are, be a good one!” It does not really matter whether you are a homemaker doing an unpaid job or someone doing a paid job. The most important tip to be a good homemaker is to start a family only when both you and your […]